Sport in Action 10K


I decided when I signed up for the Great Scottish Run that I wanted to sign up for a 10K about half way through the training schedule to give me another race and to see what progress I’d made throughout the training program. I decided to sign up for the Sport in Action 10K in Carlisle on 28th August and as it was on the August Bank Holiday weekend it meant I could have a couple of days either side of it at my parents’ house.

This race came at the end of week 7 of my half marathon training plan so I knew that I would be ok with the distance as I’d being doing almost double the distance on my long runs. My only slight concern was with what speed I could run because most of my training to that point was at an easy or steady pace.

My main goal with this race was to complete it without injury and I was aiming to beat the 54:00 I’d run at the Glasgow Men’s 10K in June. When I woke up to the weather forecast suggesting heavy rain and winds gusting up to 19mph I was prepared for the day to be a disaster.

The registration process was really quick and easy and the race was brilliantly organised and marshalled. My biggest mistake of the day was to believe the weather forecast and run in my waterproof jacket, the promised rain never came and I overheated like crazy fairly early on but I kept at it (at least the jacket meant I was easy to spot in the photos after the race).



Apart from the 2nd km I ran the race a lot more even at the pace I wanted to than I had done in June. I really annoyed myself by having to stopping the 3rd km to re-tie my laces.  The rest of the race was fairly straightforward and I ran how I wanted although by the time I got to km 8 and 9 I felt I was starting to struggle and then somehow in the final km I found an extra gear and just decided to empty the tank from there to the finish and I finished in 52:04.

Sport in Action 10K

Overall I was very happy with my performance and really enjoyed the race. I would definitely do it again as the organisation, marshalling and support on the route were superb.

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