Great Scottish Run Training Weeks 10 to 12

My last post detailed how my training was progressing up to the end of week 9 of my training plan. I’ve now completed weeks 10 to 12 of my training and am now days away from my first half marathon 😱

Week 10 was the last big week on my training plan. Monday saw a nice easy paced 6 mile run followed by 6x 100 metre strides to finish. Apart from a slightly quick first half mile the rest of the initial 6 miles were run pretty evenly. For some reason I seem to have a problem getting out of bed for a pre work run on a Tuesday morning. So Tuesdays run was done after work. 6 miles at marathon pace was on the slate for this run. Having had a pretty crappy day at work I wasn’t particularly looking forward to this run, however once I got going and cleared my head I enjoyed this run much more than I thought I would. The next run on the plan scheduled for Thursday was 4x 1200 metre intervals at 5K pace with 3 minutes recovery between and a 2 mile warm up and cool down. It was very cool and fresh 7am but I very quickly warmed up, this was a hard run but also one that showed the progress I have made since the start of this training cycle because I would never have come close to being able to complete this. The final run of the week was an easy pace 13.1 miles and was to be the longest run on the entire plan. Completing this run put me in a really good frame of mind going forward. I completed the run with no problems I was able to pick up the pace for spells during the run and I finished feeling like I still had a fair bit left in the tank.

If week 10 was one of the best I’ve experienced on the plan, week 11 was probably one of the worst I’ve experienced. Ideally I’d have had another run in the middle of the week but storm Ali put paid to that one. Monday was 4 miles at half marathon pace and this was an ok run. I didn’t struggle with it but I also didn’t feel anywhere near as comfortable as I did with the runs in week 10. Thursdays run was an absolute disaster. It was supposed to be 5x 800 metre intervals at 5K pace with 2 minute recovery between and a 2 mile warm up and cool down. I made it to the end of the third interval before I was vomiting my guts up. I was obviously pushing myself harder than my body could cope with so I decided to cut short that run. The final run of week 11 was an easy pace 8 miles, again this run felt fine but I didn’t feel anywhere near as good as during week 10’s long run.

Off the back of a disappointing week 11 I was hoping that week 12 would be fine and ease me not the thought of 13.1 miles on Sunday. Monday’s run was a 6 mile progression run with each mile quicker than the previous one. The first mile and a half felt horrible and I had half made up my mind that I would just run 6 easy pace miles but somewhere between mile 2 and 3 everything clicked into gear and I felt great. I completed the progression run and pushed on a touch for mile 5 and 6 as this was my last run at any intensity. Thursdays run was a gentle 4 miles with 4x 100 metre strides to finish and Friday was a gentle 3 miles.

That is now my training plan complete. Just the half marathon at the Great Scottish Run to come on Sunday now.

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