Project Edinburgh 2019 Week 1

As I mentioned in the introduction piece for my Project Edinburgh 2019 marathon journey I am following an 18 week training plan. Week 1 of the plan commenced on Monday 21st January and called for 4 runs of varying lengths and paces. The icy weather called for a rejigging of days to run on that will I imagine be a feature going forward at least for the next couple of weeks.

The run to get the plan started on Monday was a 5 mile run at an easy pace. The goals I’m training towards have an easy pace as being between 9:30 and 10:10 per mile. As I slipped walking towards my car I decided to head to the trails at Chatelherault Country Park hoping it might be a bit safer, especially given how I’d fallen on my backside twice in less than 3 miles the Saturday before. It was a nice run on a chilly morning and lived up to it’s easy pace billing except for the hill at the end of the third mile, that thing was absolutely brutal. Despite the hill I came in at 5 miles done in 49:44 at 9:57 per mile.

Run 2 of the week was supposed to be done on Wednesday morning but given that it snowed and half melted on Tuesday morning I decided that a post work run on the Tuesday was better than running after it had time to freeze and become icy overnight. This run was 6 miles at a steady pace (9:05-9:30 per mile) and felt really good finishing the 6 miles in 54:44 at 9:07 per mile

The third run of the week was 6 miles at an easy pace which was scheduled to be done on Friday morning. I slept through my alarm and ended up doing this run on Saturday morning. This run felt really comfortable and came in right at the quick end of my easy pace.

The final run of the week was 8 miles at an easy pace. With my running the hardest thing I find is slowing down enough to keep in my easy pace zone. Whereas the run the previous day was pretty much bang on, this run was nowhere near what it needed to be. Only 3 miles were anywhere near what they were supposed to be and the first 2 miles were stupidly quick compared to what I was aiming for.

I have decided to raise some money for Macmillan Cancer Support in the run up to the marathon. If anyone has a spare couple of pennies they wish to donate you can do so at

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