Project Edinburgh 2019


Project EdinburghWhen I started to run in January of last year it was purely an attempt at getting fit and losing weight. I had no real intentions of entering races and absolutely no desire to run a marathon because at that stage running 26.2 miles seemed so so far away given that when I started running I’d have been lucky to make it half a mile at most.

Watching last years London marathon and seeing everyone doing such a great job and raising money for charity along with the support from the crowds on the streets of London made me think for the first time that I might fancy doing a marathon at some point in the future.

Following on from watching the London marathon I got caught up in the mass of everyone registering for the ballot for this years marathon and very much on the spur of the moment registered for the ballot. I pretty much didn’t think about until around about the time I was running the Great Scottish Run. At that point it wasn’t long until the ballot results came out and the training for the half marathon had been going so well that I was already looking for a new challenge and reflecting on what I had watched in April I figured the London marathon would be a great event to be a part. Also the distance didn’t seem as much of an obstacle.

If I’m being honest when the ballot result came out and I hadn’t been successful I was sad for a fleeting second. But shortly after that I realised how much it would have cost in terms of transportation, hotels etc. At this time I was certain that I wanted to do a marathon if just to be able to say I’d done one. I’m not sure if I will ever do more than one but decided I wanted to try a marathon and began looking for marathons more local to me.

Enter the Edinburgh marathon. Here was a marathon that courtesy of being a “London reject” meant I would be guaranteed entry and also I could sleep in my own bed the night before the marathon as its not too far of a drive into Edinburgh from where I live.

I’m training for the marathon using a plan from Ben Parkes. I used one of his plans in training for my half marathon and found that I got to the start line confident and raring to go ahead of that race. This plan is an 18 week plan split into 5 blocks covering preparation, building the aerobic base, increasing speed, race specifics and the taper period.

I will update my progress throughout training for the marathon on this blog. I have also decided to raise some money for Macmillan Cancer Support in the run up to the marathon. If anyone has a spare couple of pennies they wish to donate you can do so at

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