Project Edinburgh 2019 Week 2

Week 2 of the marathon training plan commenced on Monday 28th January and called for 4 runs of varying lengths and paces. The icy weather called for a rejigging of days to run on that will I imagine be a feature going forward at least for the next couple of weeks.


The first run of the week was an interval session. It called for a 1 mile warm up followed by 5 x 3 minute intervals with 2 minute recovery in between to be followed by a 1 mile warm down. The plan called for this to be done on Tuesday but given the snow and ice forecast for then, I decided to do it on Monday and my legs were a touch tired. I was pretty pleased with the intervals especially as the second one was uphill and I got stuck crossing the road on the fourth otherwise they would have all been pretty close together.


Run 2 of the week was supposed to be done on Thursday morning but given that it was already a bit icy and the temperatures were set to plummet even further I decided that a post work run on the Wednesday was better than running after it had time to freeze again and become more icy overnight. This run was 6 miles at a steady pace (9:05-9:30 per mile) and felt really good finishing the 6 miles in 54:09 at 9:01 per mile


The third run of the week was 6 miles at an easy pace which was done on Saturday morning. There was a nice light dusting of snow but otherwise it wasn’t too bad to run. I really enjoyed getting out there on a pretty quiet morning but yet again my early run was a bit too fast.


The final run of the week was 10 miles at an easy pace. When I left the flat conditions weren’t too bad but by the time I got home I was literally starting to turn into a snowman. It was a bit of a new route so it was nice to get out and explore slightly new areas. Felt strong all the way through that run despite having the snow seemingly blowing into my face for the whole of the last 3 miles no matter which direction I was heading in. The last mile was a bit quick as I wanted to get home before I completed my transformation into a snowman.


I have decided to raise some money for Macmillan Cancer Support in the run up to the marathon. If anyone has a spare couple of pennies they wish to donate you can do so at


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