Project Edinburgh Week 3

Week 3 required some tweaking to my plan before the week even began. Monday was supposed to be a rest day and runs 2 and 3 were meant to be the other way around, however work commitments and the fact that since Christmas I can’t seem to get up early enough to get in a run before work, hopefully as the mornings start to get lighter earlier I can rectify that.


The first run of the week was supposed to be a hills session but it turned out to be a complete disaster. As I mentioned above Monday was supposed to be a rest day but instead I needed to get this run done. It was supposed to be a 2 mile warm up followed by 6 x 400m hill repeats with a 2 mile warm down. It was a 2.5 mile run to the hill I was going to use and the warm up felt ok but by the time I was midway through the second repeat I knew my legs didn’t have enough in them to finish the session so I decided to abort the session and run home.


After that horrendous first run of the week I was a little anxious about the second run of the week, which following the rejigging of my plan, was to be 8 miles at a steady pace. A steady pace for this training plan has me aiming for 9:05-9:30 per mile, and between that Monday run and the fact that I’d not consciously tried to run at that pace for that distance outside of races had me a touch concerned.  It made a nice change to not be concerned about snow or ice or wind or rain. As with most of my runs lately the first couple of miles were far faster than I was intending but the remaining 6 miles were pretty much where I wanted them to be and I felt really strong throughout the run.


The penultimate run of the week was 4 miles at an easy pace (9:30-10:00 per mile). The wind was really starting to pick up during this run and in a way I think that helped me keep closer to the pace I’d been looking for. Again the first mile was too quick but not as bad as recent runs have been.


Sunday’s long run was to have a mix of paces in it. 4 miles easy (9:30-10:00 per mile), then 3 miles at half marathon pace (8:05-8:25 per mile), followed by 4 miles at marathon pace (08:30-08:45 per mile) and finished off with a 1 mile warm down. Thankfully the wind had died down for this run and it was a nice sunny morning, with a bit of ice in places. I finally managed to run the opening easy miles at the right pace. The 3 miles at half marathon pace were all a bit too quick and the 4 miles at marathon pace were about where I wanted them if a bit on the quick side. I was pretty anxious before this run about whether I would be able to keep the pace at the right level as the run got longer. Following this run I’m feeling a lot more comfortable with my training plan and with the marathon journey as a whole

I have decided to raise some money for Macmillan Cancer Support in the run up to the marathon. If anyone has a spare couple of pennies they wish to donate you can do so at

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