Project Edinburgh 2019 Weeks 4 and 5

Not going to sugarcoat it, weeks 4 and 5 of my marathon training plan turned out to be a bit of a disaster. Everything started so well but then I came down with the cold bug that everyone at work came down with and then I struggled to get back running towards the end of week 5.

The first run of week 4 called for a 6 mile progression run with a further mile at an easy pace to warm down. As you can see from the splits above I was able to run the progression I wanted. The body felt a touch tired to begin with but once I was a couple of miles in it started to feel good and I felt strong throughout the run. After finishing this run I really felt like I was starting to make some progress.

The second run of the week was 6 miles at a steady pace (9:00-9:30 per mile). For once I actually started on about the right pace and was able to stick at that comfortably although I finished with the last couple of miles being a bit quicker.

Saturday saw run 3 of week 4 and it was to be the long run for the week. All day Friday I’d had a bit of a sore throat and when I woke on Saturday I was a bit sniffly but I didn’t think anything of it. I knew it wasn’t going to be an easy run as the plan said 6 miles easy pace, followed by 2x 2 miles at marathon pace (8:30-8:45 per mile) with half a mile recovery in between, and then 2 miles easy pace to warm down. It was a bit of a struggle but I hit everything as I wanted apart from the 6th, 8th and last miles being a touch quick.

After that run I felt horrible and basically just completely run down. I didn’t get myself out for the easy pace 6 miles that were on the plan for Sunday to end week 4 as I thought it was better to try and recover so that I didn’t make myself more ill. Tuesday was supposed to be hill repeats but I was still feeling not much better so decided to miss out on that session with the intention of being back running on Wednesday where there was another easy pace 6 miles on the plan. Come Wednesday however I was still really struggling for energy and still felt rundown so that run went by the wayside as well.

Come Friday I was feeling much better and decided to go for a run. In hindsight I probably substituted in an easy pace 6 miles for what was on the plan but instead I followed the plan. Starting after work, and running down to and around Strathclyde Park, I ran 2 miles easy pace, followed by 6x 1KM at marathon pace with 500 metres recovery in between the reps, and 2 miles easy pace to warm down. That definitely felt hard.

Sunday was supposed to see the long run for the week of 13 miles at a steady pace (9:00-9:30 per mile) but it didn’t happen. When I woke up my legs were feeling a bit achy but I though after a mile or 2 they would ease up. Approaching 3 miles it wasn’t feeling any better so I decided to abort the run, in case I did any damage that would put the plan on hold especially as I’m running a half marathon next Sunday.

I have decided to raise some money for Macmillan Cancer Support in the run up to the marathon. If

anyone has a spare couple of pennies they wish to donate you can do so at

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